Deth Spa "Saunic Youth" cassette

Image of Deth Spa "Saunic Youth" cassette


Thought to be long gone, the final copies are unearthed of this building block of the bunkerbeat aesthetic and document of cabalistic auricular warfare. Previous DS encounters will not have prepared the listener to be on the business end of any stereo armed with this recording.

"Listening to side one of this cassette-only release, you can't help but think of the scenes from Videodrome where James Woods watches the TV show of the same name and becomes both repulsed and obsessed with the programming. The textured drone is reminiscent of those distorted images, and, while abstract, the background pulse is hypnotic amid a flood of sonic sludge. Side two is confrontational, with spiraling sounds and abrasive tones like an Indy 500 car on fire and out of control, headed for a wreck in slow motion on a different kind of sadomasochistic television network. The track evolves into what sounds like field recordings of Skynet wiping out the last remnants of humanity."
- Tom Murphy

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