Expo '70 & Temples



Even an extensive familiarity with the vast Expo ’70 catalogue doesn’t prepare the listener for the results of this conference. Augmented here by the intuitive electric guitar mastery of Temples(known to Glossolalians for collaborations with EPILEPTINOMICON, as well as releases on PseudoArcana and Peasant Magik, not to mention a collaboration with JANDEK) and the work of longtime collaborator Matt Hill of UMBERTO, the Expo ’70 sound is at once amplified and dissected. An altogether unique sonic identity is represented by these three players, one which captures the cinematic, improvisational qualities the initiated would expect while offering both challenges and rewards previously unknown. Fans of previous Temples, Umberto, and Expo ’70 output will find that this union succeeds in being something more than the sum of its parts.

4 tracks on 2 sides, 40+ minutes of music
Strictly limited edition
Original artwork by underground comix provocateur P. Keck

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