Fangs Of A TV Evangelist LP (+CD)

Image of Fangs Of A TV Evangelist LP  (+CD)


Strictly limited, hand numbered copies. 150g 12" Hand Screen Printed/glued covers. + Free CDR copy of album.

One of our favorite things to come out of Australia in quite some time.

"....these guys take the angular heavy riffing of early Melvins and stretch it out into elongated riff-workouts with heavy repetition and pounding, simple drumming, creating a heavy hypnotic form of metallic post-punk with some really cool touches (scraped guitar strings, winding gloomy melodies, clean singing, creepy whispered parts) that make 'em stand out from the rest of the Melbourne sludge-thugs. Actually, the more I listened to this, the more it reminds me of a really cool late 80's post-punk band, especially with the gloomy guitar leads that are drenched in chorus, the catchy basslines, and all of the clean vocals, kinda gothy, very moody sounding, but punched up with a serious dose of metallic heaviness underneath it all....seem to channel what sounds like late 80's British post-punk through weighty Melvins riffage. Pretty rad! The record is pressed on black vinyl and comes in a hand-assembled screenprinted jacket, limited to 300 hand numbered copies, and comes with a cdr of all of the tracks on the record"
-Crucial Blast