Hey Colossus/Dethscalator "Hey Colossus Vs Dethscalator" LP


UHURA1, or the first release on Black Labs, sister label to UK institution Riot Season.
Limited edition split LP from Hey Colossus and Dethscalator, who are two truly unhinged faces of the same rotting, mid-air spinning bad apple, storming down their steaming rays of utter pitilessness..Locking you in its highbeam and telling you everything you don't think you want to know, but secretly do, axes raised high, trapped voices dragging you down into the dim well. Both know the path to unbridled feedbacking euphoria and putrid atmospheric depth and are allowing the lucky few to climb inside the gungey joey pocket of fate and soar and crash over and over. Flaying victims regularly home and abroad you will do well to serve yourself a hot steaming portion immediately.

"Imagine 'The Song of the Volga Boatmen' with the 'Ey-ooch-nyem' chant replaced by multiple fuzz guitars, and yooz approaching the Colossus pleasure centres. Now add mind-bending '30 Seconds Over Tokyo' top-end whiddly-wee and you nailed that sucker!" said Julian Cope. And he knows his onions.