Hey Colossus - Hey Colossus and the Van Halen Time Capsule "Eurogrumble Vol 1"


Fifth album and a new six man line up. 12" black vinyl only, the way it should be. Almost seven years of flying under the radar doesn't seem to have bothered these stubborn souls.

"Channelling the no frills riffage of Black Flag and Melvins before drowning it under a sea of distorted feedback" said the heavy metal magazine Kerrang. "'Intense' is an overused description, but Hey Colossus deserve it. Utterly." wittered the doomed indie mag Plan B.

So be it.

Now with the addition of the Van Halen Time Capsule they've set their sites on the lights. The majick and jam of Germany in the 70's, and all things dingy, claustrophobic and killer from Whitehouse to The Heads. Recorded in their South London home, Dropout, the sludge and stink of previous efforts still prevails. Ooze ridden basement tapes created under a fug of the most suspicious odour, add in some swamp doom and it begins to fall into place. This fella is a melting pot of libellous ideas and ludicrous intentions.

The Question bubbles away for 3-4 minutes, 4 guitars weaving, 3 banjo's jizzing, 2 voices crumbling and a band trying to work it all out. Eventually his master's voice comes in. Like a failed preacher he passes over the information. It all falls into place. The album, this time piece, continues in the same vein over both sides. When it crushes it does so with no protest. When it rocks, it does so with Kraut stylings. When it's metal it is with no doubt. The more you listen the more you hear. Incantations from the other side keep drifting at you. It's more than it is. The last song, Wait Your Turn, spends a while ploughing a one killer riff furrow, before falling off the cliff into a clangathon that will peel the sclera from your eyes.

Be alone. Turn the lights out. Crank it way up.

Wrapped in a sleeve depicting Masonic images taken during the recordings, liner notes from Loess Cos Yuh, the Spanish leading light on all things dark.

"Imagine 'The Song of the Volga Boatmen' with the 'Ey-ooch-nyem' chant replaced by multiple fuzz guitars, and yooz approaching the Colossus pleasure centres. Now add mind-bending '30 Seconds Over Tokyo' top-end whiddly-wee and you nailed that sucker!" said Julian Cope. And he knows his onions.

LP Tracklisting :

A1. The Question
A2. 13 Millers Court
A3. Shithouse
A4. Pope Long Haul III

B1. Eurogrumble
B2. Dredges
B3. King Come
B4. Wait Your Turn