MjolniirDXP "Great Skin & St. Amina"

Image of MjolniirDXP "Great Skin & St. Amina"



DXP use primitive/advanced electronics, voice, automatic writing and traditional "rock" instrumentation for these early explorations of the Bunkerbeat "genre". The A side, "Skin/Stamina", is a meditation on growing old with the "scene" while the B side, "Scud Life", is a protest song in the truest sense. Dronerosion, psychic disintegration, and (off-the) radar love are at the forefront of this document of doomed krautsider punk workouts.

"Two sides of experimental-rock fury, amps overdriven, but not without ace player communication and just the right amount of finesse. Rumble, rumble." - Wm. Berger - WFMU, Prison Tatt

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