Net Shaker & Ectoplasm Girls - Split 7"


SGG - 023

The long-awaited split single shared by Sweden’s Ectoplasm Girls, the duo of sisters Nadine and Tanya Byrne, and Los Angeles-based Net Shaker, the paring of Ernest Gibson & Erik Frydenborg.

Packaged in full-color, fold-over jackets with artwork by the bands, this 7″ serves as an essential introduction to the kraut/lurk anti-rock of NS and the gauzy, outsider pop ritualism of EG.

"Macabre electronics, works of mourning, attempts to wake the dead." - The Wire Magazine UK

"The Byrne sisters could very well be ghosts from the mid-80s cassette culture of DIY electronics, industrial antipathy, and corrosive psychedelia." - aQuarius Records

"Subconsciously lodged in a lineage of esoteric aural magick dating back to Coil and Psychic TV and up to the likes of Water Borders or Motion Sickness Of Time Travel, albeit with a darker, more cracked aesthetic than either of those." - Boomkat

"In the project we express our joint experiences with death and dreams." - Ectoplasm Girls.

Ectoplasm Girls Manifest
All hail the Sisters of -----
As We come walking down a Black mountain
Wearing Blue and Green
Symbolizing Always and Forever.
If Love was a cult We would join
If Death was a state We would smash it.