Various "Dead Hell in a Bucket"

Image of Various "Dead Hell in a Bucket"


Dead Hell in a Bucket. A shit-hot new compilation from Philadelphia’s Forward Fast label.

Our very own Final Boss contribute an exclusive track, as do our friends in The Retouched Ecce Homo Band(Richard Papiercuts and company, essentially), The Cats, and more. Excellent Slow Death Funnies-style cover art. Get one on the Internet or at a show.

From Forward Fast:

“A (technically) international compilation of underground heavy hitters. Each song is exclusive to this compilation and otherwise unreleased. Tracks from: Ivan the Tolerable, The Retrouched Ecce Homo Band, Honey Radar, The Cats, Final Boss, David Kenneth Nance, Darlingchemicalia, Peter the Pianoeater, Kaleidoscope Death, Huh, and a recently unearthed collaboration between Northern Liberties and Towers.

Pro dubbed tapes. Full color Jcards with pro printed labels on the tapes. Limited quantities.

Cover artwork by Gregory Labold.

Corporate rock still sucks.”