Various ‎– The Dead Hand: Human Machines

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Far-reaching cassette compilation on the Damage Rituals imprint featuring Vaz, Burmese, Ocrilim, Homostupids, Child Abuse, STATS, Weasel Walter and more.

Vaz - "Nobody 1"
Calabi Yau - "Genghis Heart Chaka"
White Mice - "Passsthefissst" (demo)
Drunkdriver - "Figurative Theater" (Christian Death)
Self Destruct Button - "A Corpse In The Mouth"
Burmese - "Sweet Fucking Mouth - Treaties Of Greed And Filth"
Muscle Brain - "God"
Child Abuse - "I Hate Me"
Stats - "Crowds Press: Demon Basketball"
Weasel Walter - "Poisoning The Well"
Maw - "Tonsil Hockey"
Satanized - "Cancel My Erections"
This Is My Condition - "Depth Charge"
Dan Friel - "Desert Song"
Yukon - "Zero Gravity Chamber"
Dysrhythmia - "Sleep Decayer" (demo)
Homostupids - "Calling The Doctor"
Clan Of The Cave Bear - "The Old Miss, The Old Man"
Zs - "MMW III"
Black Ladies - "Troll Mouth"
Animal - "Hunter Or Hunted"
Deathers - "Save The Ugly "
Paper Mice - "Pencil In My Head"
Archaeopteryx - "I Am 'Fed Up' With All This 'Pie In The Sky'"
Fag Static - "Landscape Blue"
Cutter - "Make Me Proud"
Ocrilim - "Annwn Part 7"