Vaz "Visiting Hours" LP



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...This alone is what's left and written crudely on ancient medium (the medium itself was
nearly eliminated). Well, as I said, we trust you know what to do with this fragment.
Disturbing isn't it? Naturally, it's interesting to the Academics, and I have to put up with
their wailing, flailing and gesticulations, every day in my court. But even buried in
academic minutia there is a possibility of dissemination, which, if you will forgive me--I
know you are the last of your kind-- it is clearly not for the best. It could reveal the past
self-damnation, the flimsiness, even the decay, of our underpinnings. It's possible--and
we shudder to think--that this could even bring out something atavistic. It makes the
corps(e) nervous. To be human again, well, to that, like I keep repeating--you know
what you must do (but, of course, we defer to your first hand experience)....

"Visiting Hours", the newest long-player from Brooklyn's Vaz for the SGG label, following 2011's precedent-obliterating "Chartreuse Bull", manages to at once capture the live ferocity of the band as well as highlight their use of the studio as another weapon in a formidable aural arsenal. Our use of alliteration here should illustrate that we mean business. In fact, it's safe to say that the needle was buried so deep in the red that recording engineer Ben Greenberg(The Men, Hubble) still hasn't managed to excavate it.

Vaz are touring for the entirety of November in support of "Visiting Hours", making stops all across the U.S. and sharing bills with label-mates and old and new friends alike. It is advised that you attend these shows.

"Visiting Hours" will be in finer shops everywhere on November 12 and is available for early adopters now from the SGG site and from the band on tour.